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Elmar Traks

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Saturday, 20 October 2012

Beware - Thieves Operating in Lidl (Nerja) Car Park

Digame - Torrox LifeYesterday I was robbed in the car park at Lidl Nerja.

It happened like this: 
On getting back to my car after shopping I leant into the car to put my 
handbag on the passenger seat and started to get in myself when a man from the car next to me informed me there was a problem with my rear wheel – he talked very loudly and I now know this was to make his accomplice aware I was distracted. Unbeknown to me the accomplice took the bag and

it wasn't until I drove out and noticed a door alarm was on that it was the passenger door that was not closed properly and my bag was not there.

I immediately turned around about the thieves were not there as you can imagine. 
They are probably doing this in many places –

so please beware and pass on to others. 
Torrox Costa


Saturday, 20 October 2012

It can't happen to me

It has happened to all of my friends but it will never happen to me because I'm too aware. Famous last words - be warned. Came out of Aldi Torrox Costa with shopping and bum bag on waist. Surprised to see back left tyre flat. Put shopping in car and took off bag which was bulky and put it in front of car. Started the weary business of changing the wheel, always close to the car. Suddenly, a white scruffy estate type car like a VW Passat, stops by El Recreo and a fair complexioned man with untidy grey/fair hair shouts at me, 'Well Done, Well Done', not an Englishman or Spanish, obviously I look in his direction and I realised later that is when someone else had crept up behind and taken the bag. He drove off between El Recreo and the Aldi block, obviously to meet up with his accomplice. As I drove off I noticed my bag was missing with passport, driving licence and medical docs and mobile phone. Luckily my cards and money were in my pocket. A trip further along to the tyre place confirmed that the tyre had been spiked on the side as this could be seen from the puncture mark showing inside. 
It seems that there is hardly any way of avoiding this sort of thing because the gangs are very practiced and only attack when you are at a disadvantage. 
The tyre man told me of a friend who had a man run up to him shouting 'Urgencia', could he use a mobile phone to call help for an accident and promptly ran off with the phone. Watch out for the guy who asks the way or pretends he knows you and tries to give you a friendly hug. And if you are a lady who finds the car tyre flat, there will be a friendly guy who offers to change the wheel! 

Chris Barrett

Saturday, 3 November 2012

Be Careful

From: Joan smith 
Hi last Friday I met a friend in Mercadona and she told me her mum had been over from UK to visit her, and while out shopping in Torrox Costa both had their purses stolen, she told me to be very careful as these low life are desperate. I went to Eroski on Saturday, went into C an A to buy some baby clothes for my niece, was only in there 10 minutes, went to the till to pay for my goods and low and behold my purse was gone, they had been very professional, undone my bag and taken my purse. Ok the bank cancelled my cards, but it is now the inconvenience of getting my driving license and my social security card renewed, also having to wait for new bank cards to arrive from UK. So to all Digame readers please take care,

it could happen to you.


Friday, 14 December 2012

Street Robbery Monday 10th December

Street Robbery Monday 10th December Lunch time

I got off the bus from Nerja & started to walk up the hill opposite Jose Jimenez towards the big Penoncillo Apartment Block & Torrox Park.

A man on a motor bike was hanging about just inside the road where there is a parking space ..Later he came up behind me, grabbing me round the neck & throwing me to the floor.We struggled & he grabbed my cream handbag with money ,phone, camera, diary & other personal items before jumping onto his bike & driving away towards Nerja .

A passing motorist saw what happened & chased after him but sadly he took a left turn off the coast road & went into the campo where the car could not follow.

He wore his helmet & a scarf round his face to avoid identification.....He had also hidden his bike number plate.

Please can drivers be aware that these incidents do happen on the roads around here & anyone can be a victim when you are jumped from behind.

We must do what we can to stay safe & try to catch this vicious robber before others start doing the same

Please look out for my belongings which have probably been thrown away as they are important to me

Thank you for your help.

Es kann auch böse für den Dieb enden:

Aus: Village Know-it-All 



Woman Kills Handbag Thief

A Madrid woman aged about 30, has killed a man who had robbed her handbag by running him down on his moped with her car. 
There was a collision and both the car and the moped left the road in the Madrid district of Montecarmelo.
First indications are that minutes before the accident the victim, presumably with another youngster, had robbed the woman’s bag from the car’s steering wheel. 
She then drove behind the moped to try and recover the items, and had ended up running over the youngster by accident and killing him. 

This is the first hypothesis from the Police although they have not ruled out other options.
There were two thieves together and reports say she was taken over by her nerves and anger, and started the car and followed the thieves on their moped. 

They then suffered a fall from the moped and the woman said she could not stop in time.
One of the helmets ended up under her Seat Ibiza car, while the other thief has suffered trauma of a very serious nature.
Samur-Protection Civil health workers could only confirm the death of the 25 year youngster whose body had become trapped under the car.
The body was released by Madrid City Firemen, who had used inflatable cushions to lift the car.
Police say they believe the version of the woman and that the death was involuntary and she could not stop in time.

She has been attended to by psychologists from SAMUR because of an anxiety crisis.
News from http://www.typicallyspanish.com


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